where is the edge?


Kudos to Peter Copper for posting pictures of the Stormhoek Wine Freebie brochure that came with the bottle.

So the Brit bloggers are getting their wine. Our next step is to roll the idea out to both the United States and Western Europe. We’re looking into the logisitics now (shipping costs etc.). I’ll keep you posted.

Like I said in the brochure copy:

Of course I can’t do it by myself. I need your complicity if it’s going to work. No complicity, no idea-virus. I can’t just write a big media company a cheque and make the marketing problem go away. Those days are gone.

What do you get out of it? A free bottle of wine and a chance to play a part in screwing up the traditional marketing and advertising landscape forever. A chance to see how far we can stretch the power of the blogosphere.

The internet and the blogosphere proved years ago that you don’t need to hire an ad agency or Big Media to mass market digital and digital-related products. But what about non-digital?

What is actually possible? Where is the edge?

Shall we find out?

[NB: This was originally posted on my main blog.]


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