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Very Cool. Stormhoek gets a mention in Spitoon.Biz, the big UK wine blog:

Does writing this – my part in the first UK blog wine promo – make me a Buzz Agent? Gaping Void via Hugh Macleod, sent out a batch of pre-release samples of South African producer Stormhoek’s wines in an attempt to utilise blogs as a marketing ‘word of mouth tool’. Personally I think it is a little early; Blogs in the UK are under-developed when compared to America. The British either dont know exactly what they are or deride them; but then word of mouth is word of mouth and website link is a website link.

Yes, it is early days. But you have to start somewhere.

But hey, look on the bright side- the meme does exist now. Now it’s just a question of building on it. The UK blogosphere right now, Western Europe and the USA to follow soon.

Secondly, the point of the Stormhoek freebie promo is not to magically turn bloggers into South African wine pimps. The main purpose of this exercise is to make Stormhoek the first major wine brand to take the Cluetrain seriously. “Markets are conversations” etc. This freebie promo is hopefully not too bad a conversation starter. Time will tell.

Cheers to Andrew at Spitoon for the mention.

[NB: this post originally appeared in my main blog.]


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