yummy yummy yellowtail


Beau from Basic Juice writes about Australia’s major league hitter, Yellowtail. Very amusing:

Yet the holiday refrain I heard most often (seemingly every five minutes) went like this: “Where is the Yellow Tail Shiraz?” Somewhat less often I heard the same question with the words ‘Chardonnay,’ ‘Merlot,’ or ‘Cabernet’ substituted for ‘Shiraz.’ In fact I heard these words so often; I began to think my name was, “Sir Where-is-the-yellowtail.” In case you’ve been living on the International Space Station, Yellow Tail is an Australian line of wines that are selling like Wham-O boomerangs of the 1970’s. I carried out entire ‘Tail cases for customers. I had to restock the shelf every 30 minutes!


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