The Wine and Spirits Trades’ Benevolent Society


About six months ago I was invited to join a youth committee which had been set up to raise funds for The Wine and Spirit Trades’ Benevolent Society. The charity was formed in 1886 and its purpose is to help those who have worked in the drinks industry but are unable to properly look after themselves either fiscally or physically.

The youth committee, known as “Buddies of The Benevolent”, holds a number of social events through the year, of which Stormhoek has become a key sponsor, and I hope we can make a significant contribution to this worthwhile charity.

More recently, I have been asked to Chair the committee. I’m delighted to do so and very much look forward to understanding more about the internal workings of The Benevolent and how the charity can become better at meeting the needs of the trade. For members of the UK trade out there: Please remember to give generously when there is a knock at your door.


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