Will blue wine be next?

Blue Pinotage bunch 01  06.jpg

All of the creatures that live in the vineyard atmosphere, floating around the vine leaves and in and out of our noses, conspire to make red grapes appear blue.

2 weeks ago, this bunch of Stormhoek Pinotage grapes were in the process of changing colour from green to pink and then red. Today they are blue.
Microorganisms like yeast, much too small to see cell by cell, have accumulated on the skins, gradually creating the blue effect.
Most of this bloom is quickly lost when you handle the grapes. Then skins then appear to be pitch black.
If you bite or crush the skin, the crimson dye stains your lips and fingers and it’s this colour that stains red wine red.
So, far we haven’t found a way to make blue wine.


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