White juice, stained red

Pinotage cold soak 02  06 003.jpg
We ferment Pinotage in an open container and control the rate of fermentation with plates containing very cold water.

This is Pinotage grape juice, three and a half days after picking.
The juice was clear (like white wine) straight after crushing, and cold. Three days later, its still only about 8 deg. Celcius, but lots of colour has been transferred from the many broken skins.
We will add yeast to this sweet juice tomorrow morning and allow the temperature to slowly rise to start the fermentation.
Most of the flavour of red wines is in the skins, along with the colour. If we can transfer lots of it from the solid to the liquid before the yeast get fully into action, we will have a concentration of soft tannins and little of the harsher ones.


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