100 Dinner update

Okay, we’re a week into it and we’ve got 31 sign ups on the wiki and about 25 emails, some of which are dupes from the wiki, Canadians and folks from the Continent. For the USA, it looks like we have about 45 dinner sponsors. As far as I can tell, there has been no padding of the list with friends and family, or even business associates. We’re holding them in reserve 🙂

We are thinking about where to kick off the first dinner: You know the one with the dancing girls, jeroboams of sauvignon blanc, caviar, grilled springbok,etc. New York, LA and San Francisco are out, I think. It’s just a bit too obvious. We were talking about it today and we were thinking that we’d like to do it somewhere remote. Very remote.

I am grateful to Bill, Misty and Thomas
, for pointing out that Mountain Home is in Arkansas, Not Arizona. I’ve never been to Arkansas, but that sounds like it would potentially be a good place to start. But its up for grabs and we’d love to hear from anyone who can come up with a particularly interesting topic for the dinner and a comfy venue to have it, just let us know. Please feel free to post suggestions.

At the present rate, we should have the 100 dinners in the US spoken for by the end of the month. Then we will be in touch to deal with planning.

Another update next week.


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