Practiced hands

hand labelling 03 06002.jpg
There are faster ways to put on a label.
But when there’s a power cut, nothing beats elbow grease.
What happened to our electricity?
South Africa has ageing power generation units and distribution grids, a rapidly growing economy and some indecision about spending public money.
It seems that we will have some relief in about 6 months and a just-like-new supply system in about 5 years.
By then, we’ll be able to hand-make wines like the old people did.

Its not rare for us to hand apply labels. There are long lead-times in label printing here.
South Africa sells at least 10% more wine every year. That’s 10% more labels to be printed. The print business is booming.
We have a printer in the neighbourhood who can do little batches virtually overnight.
These come on flat sheets that have to be stuck on by hand and eye.
When we have a small order that’s needed in a rush, we have to print, stick, pack and drive.


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