100 Dinner Update- Geekfests in the Making

We’re exactly one month into it and our 100 dinner thing stands at 49 on the wiki and about 30 emailed to us or Hugh. So, the official count is 79, give or take, not counting the Canadians and Europeans— who we are still thinking about. I’m pretty happy and Hugh seems ecstatic.

We’ve been insistent on people coming up with interesting topics of conversation for their dinners. The more we talk about wine, the more we realize that it really is about the conversation that ensues after you open the bottle. People seem to agree.

There are programmers who want to ‘mash up’ over Stormhoek, Smallworld Euro-fashionistas meeting up in New York,
We’re ecstatic that a few wine bloggers are bellying up to the bar Jathan, jens rosenkrantz at Cincinatti Wine Warehouse, who does a great blog and has been very supportive from the beginning, Other bloggers include the illustrious Kai Chaing, aka pjammer, ‘meating’ up in Palo Alto. Brent saying “Poker and Wine, what could be better”? Well, maybe a couple of things, but he’s got a point. Lisa‘s doing “Art and Wine” in Denver, and Melissa is doing at a very unlikely wine and dessert schtick. We can’t wait for the feedback on that one. Tom aka Tomdog is doing a Buzznet photo fest and Jack in Tennessee is going to be turning beer drinkers into winos (we thought that they only drank Jack Daniels). Check out the wiki to see some of the other dinners.

Based upon the emails, there are lots more varieties of geeks out there than we had envisioned. Of course, there are the tech geeks, but it seems that there are wine geeks, food geeks, fashion geeks and hard partying-geeks all wanting to sign up. But, as I discovered last week when I erased multiple entries on the wiki by mistake, only the Tech geeks are actually able to figure out how to use the wiki.

So, if you want to sponsor a dinner you can email Hugh or click on the email button on the sidebar of this page and we’ll have our resident Computer Sciences PHD, post it to the wiki… Stay tuned.


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