Frappr… Sounds like…

A cool way to plot your Stormhoek dinner.


A couple of weeks back, Hugh did a nice post about the Telegraph article on Nick. John commented and suggested that we could set up a Frappr account (I had never heard of Frappr before) and with a few clicks of the mouse, we have the very cool looking Stormhoek 100 dinner Frappr map.

If you have emailed or wiki’d your dinner, we’d ask that you be so kind as to go to the map and plot your event with your zip code. It only takes a second and this way we can all keep track of how the 100 dinners are spreading. I suspect that the non-USA folks can do it just for fun as well, even though we are just starting to work on the out of US dinners.

At the current rate of sign ups, it looks like we should have the 100 dinners spoken for in about ten days. Then, we will have to make some hard decisions.


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