Why Didn’t We Think Of That?

There has been a whirlwind of press over the last month about Actress, alright, Pornstar, Savanna Samson releasing her new Italian wine. Parker gave it a 91 and the story made it all the way to the New York Times. Well, we contnued to read, and read the story and couldn’t help but think: Damn we missed a big one. As Hugh says, “with porn all is possible” and (un)fortunately our brand of porn has more to do with the grapes than the jugs, if you get my drift.

I won’t burden you with the story, because you can read it for yourself, but the curious bit had to do with Savana’s husband, a New York wine merchant, who apparently is quite into her profession and just isn’t, well, the jealous type. You could imagine my surprise when I discovered that the lucky boy is an old friend who I have not heard from in years and who’s first wedding I was invited to. Well, Daniel, porn and wine… Wanna host a Stormhoek dinner?

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  1. john

    Just goes to prove my contnetion that it frankly doesn’t matter what is on the label (in terms of minutiae) unless people are reading the label. In the crowded marketplace and supermarket shelf they won’t be doing this unless the label has turned their split second of scanning into moments of attention (as hers no doubt will). My idea was based on this – the vertical name is unique and thus visually arresting. Even though it is imitable, that won’t matter because by that point Stormhoek will have claimed ownership of the vertical label


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