Parker Says He’s Targeted and Misunderstood

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For those of you who don’t know, Robert Parker is a world renowned wine expert and over the years his 100 point scoring system has attracted much attention. Parker, himself, is possibly the most influential wine writer in the world and for many, a coveted 100 point score for a wine is held in the same regard as three Michelin stars would be for a restaurant. And, likewise, failure to achieve this Holy Grail has tipped normally sane people over the edge. Power, indeed.

He says though, that he’s misunderstood and targeted by his fellow critics, you can read the full article here. Whenever someone wants, to have a pop, it’s he who is in the gun sight.

Well Bob, sorry but you set yourself up. The world of wine writing can be a dangerous and fickle place, success breeds resentment. I wouldn’t complain though, at least people are thinking of you.

Mind you wish I’d thought of that 100 point system back in the ‘80’s. Might be able to spend a bit more money on the equipment we need to replace this year at Stormhoek if I had!

Anyway, it’s Friday and you guys might like a recommendation for the weekend so here it is in good old wino speak without the Parker pizzazz:

If you live in the UK get out to Oddbins and track down a bottle of – Glaetzer “The Wallace” Barossa Valley Shiraz-Grenache 2004 – It’s an absolute ripper for £10. There is virtually no Grenache planted in South Africa and it’s a variety that I love. The flavours are wild and uncontrolled yet its got this rich tasting kinda Blackberry Shiraz thing holding it all together. Genius stuff, well done Ben Glaetzer!


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