AYYYYYY! The Manolo, He Loves the Vino


One of the great things about blogging is that us bloggers get to meet all sorts of interesting people. One of my fav blogs is, authored by no other than the super fantastic “Manolo”. I have had the privilege to speak with “The Manolo”, blogger, journalist, fashion guru and social commentator. Despite a number of late night sauvignon blanc fueled telephone conversations, its been hard to strike up a meaningful rapport bacause of Manolo’s really thick, hard to understand, Euro-esque accent. One of those accents you just can’t quite place, but you know its from somewhere exotic.

So, it came as a complete surprise when Mr. M emailed me saying “The Manolo, he loves The Stormhoek” and asking to be the wine blogger on his new site,

I did my first post over the weekend, which of course, is on one of my favorite topics, Promiscuity and Wine. Hey, it’s a bit of a trashy start, but some topics need to be tackled head on. I am looking forward to the opportunity to spread the word and help make wine a little easier to swallow for all Manolo’s Foodie-Fashionistas.


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