Just About 100 Dinners

With only 10 days to go and the latest count on the wiki now standing
at 69, plus ton of email requests from all over, by our reckoning we’re pretty much there.

Hosts so far are quite an eclectic mix of geeks, musicians, mathematicians, actors, explorers and would you believe, nudists. Apparently, we’ve got those hoping to determine the future of the world, those who’d prefer to write a song about it, suduko
challengers, crypozoological impersonators, and even a GPS treasure
hunt adventurist.

Perhaps most intriguing is the group planning to have their dinner party ‘in a natural state’. Well, who are we to judge? It doesn’t matter to us what you do (or don’t) wear! We just hope you have good conversation, and most of all enjoy the wine! Although on reflection, they may have meant a party in The Natural State of Arkansas … Well either way, we hope you have fun guys. We’re pulling straws to see who from Stormhoek attends that one.

We’re also getting a lot of requests for dinners to take place in pretty much all four corners of the earth, which we’re thrilled about!
Although we are restricted to the USA for the moment, if you would like to hold a dinner elsewhere in the world, let us know and we’ll try to figure something out. After all, who are we to stand in the way of marketing disruption?

If you’re already signed up but haven’t yet posted or emailed us (or Frapered) the details of your dates, guest numbers, theme and location, we need you to do so ASAP so we can finalize the details and make sure we get you your wine in time.

Yes, we’re the kinda guys that like to bend rules, but reluctantly (and really just to keep our sanity) we do have to have some of our own rules for these events (subject to change, etc etc). [1] We need for your event to be conducive to free-flowing wine and conversation, rather than a large corporate event. [2] We also need for you need to let us know how many guests you’re expecting at least two weeks or more in advance. This gives us enough time to get all of the goodies (and I will explain later) sent to you.

But besides that, Enjoy!


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