stormhoek gets a gong

[I’m blogging this from the London International Wine & Spirt Fair, representing Stormhoek, which is why I’ve been so quiet lately: it’s been a ton of work etc.]

Stormhoek has just won a major trade award: The Drinks Business’ “Best Consumer Campaign 2006”.

[NB: “Gong” is Britspeak for medal or award.]

Apparently the guy giving out the award said, “For their daring, vision and unprecedented results…”

The Drinks Business is one of the major UK wine & spirits trade mags.

Rock on.


UPDATE: Here’s the makeshift blog we made for the event attendees. It’s actually gotten a lot more use and interactivity than I predicted.

UPDATE: It’s the eternal conflict: the need to find and post good content, versus the mundane reality of what we’ve come here for i.e. looking after customers.


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