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Recently germinated winter growth, planted between the rows of Cabernet Sauvignon.
This spot is about 360m above sea level.

Every winter we plant between the vines something that thrives on cold nights, rain and the odd period of sunshine. In fact, just what we get for weather in winter.
This could be wheat, oats, lucerne (alfalfa) or a fast growing indigenous herb, or even a mix of any or all of these.
This introduces fast growing root structure into the soil, while the vines are dormant, and stimulates micro-biological activity between the rows of vine roots.
The new roots take in moisture from the winter rains, retaining this in the general environment of the vines. This is particularly important on our steep slopes.
When spring arrives we plough the new growth into the soil, creating a mulch, hampering the development of competitive weeds.
Next year, we plan to use a mixture of seeds chosen from the lush winter growth under the proteas on our upper slopes.

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