Wines Have Good Days and Bad Days, Just Like Us


I’ve often wondered why exactly the same wine can taste different on one day versus another.

I’ve often put it down to the way I’m feeling physically and mentally, the weather (well I’m English and naturally obsessed with meteorology like most of my fellow countryman and use it to blame just about everything!), the circumstances under which the wine is being drunk etc.

I’m sure these factors all play their part.

BTW, this has nothing to do with the wine being spoilt by a bad cork. Purely about knowing the character of a particular wine very well, like a good friend, and finding that character inconsistent with what you would normally expect.

There might be another explanation. According to those interested in bio-dynamics, the phases of the moon dictate those days of the month which are best for the cultivation of certain crops. Wine apparently flourishes best on either a “fruit” or a “flower” day. Avoid “root days” like the plague!

This bio-dynamic calendar should help you enjoy your wines at their very best. Cheers!


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