Now We Know Why We’re Still Alive


As a group, us wine guys tend to imbibe a bit more than average folk. Nothing too serious, a beer or three after work, maybe a small cocktail before dinner and a couple of bottles with a meal– and, okay perhaps a wee nightcap, just as a digestif. We write off the risks of drinking to being an occupational hazard.

You know, it is vital to our professional standing that we stay on the cutting edge of what is happening in wine (and beer and booze) and one just can’t do that by looking at the stuff.

Given all this, over the years, more than one of us have in the most dire moments of introspection, acknowleged to ourselves that our mere continued existence and apparent good health is due to the luck of the genetic draw or something more divine.

A while back, I posted about our love of coffee and what do you know, yesterday, the press was abuzz with news that coffee protects the liver from cirrhosis.

Well, now we know– and if we aint some of the luckiest bastards alive…

Now, where’s that bottle of Kahlua I bought last week?


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