Cape Town Bar Camp

Bar camp 06 06 001.jpg
Dave Duarte, geek marketer from Cape Town, explaining how he found his way to Stormhoek via

It can be thrillingly warm in Cape Town in winter. Between the wet and windy spells, sometimes the sun shines down from blue skies for days on end.
Cape Town geeks chose one of these sparkling weekends to hold their first ever Bar Camp.
Unfortunately, they chose to hold this original exchange of voices and views in the frosty environment of a big classroom in the De Kuilen junior school. Rugged up like arctic explorers, they huddled around the warmth of their wave-emitting laptops and focused on new products and sales pitches without a murmur of complaint.
Dave Duarte chose to talk about Stormhoek and how a little brand can reach millions of people and I brought along some bottles to show that amongst all of this virtualness there is a real product.
There were about 75 unconferencees and roughly 20 gave a talk or presentation. That’s pretty interactive.
I look forward to the first Cape geek dinner.


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