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I’m in London today, signing ANOTHER THOUSAND lithographs for the Stormhoek 100 Geek Dinners etc.

This time we’re doing a green [white wine] version of the “Puppy” cartoon.

Not exactly the most fascinating task in the world, so to make time go by quicker I listened to Michael Arrington, Doc, Steve Gillmor et al go at each other over at The Gilmor Gang podcast.

[Getting into the groove etc.]

So while listening to these chaps talking, I’m thinking to myself, “Now here are some guys trying to change the world. Rock on.”

Rock on, indeed. Changing the world is a good thing. And one or two of these chaps might actually pull it off. Heck, even trying to change the world and failing nobly is a good thing. Inspiring stuff for your poor cartoonist, stuck under a stack of signature-requiring art.

Of course, “Changing the world” and “The world is changing” are both very common themes in the blogosphere. If you read Jeff Jarvis you’ll know all about it. In spades.


I’m getting less interested in changing the world. It’s just too damn big and messy. I’d rather just change a small part of it. In my favor.

Hence the “sliver” cartoon, republished above.

Hence why I’m getting more and more interested in the wine business. Changing that business, even in a small way, is both tangible and doable. And getting more groovy to me by the day.

We live in intreresting times.

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