Pinotage and karaoke – the perfect dinner match


Belly Timber and Mrs D recently hosted a ‘Circus of Innovation and Libation’ in Seattle, as part of the 100 dinners campaign, where Chopper Dave apparently couldn’t get enough of the Pinotage and declared ‘its rich, blackberry flavor perfect for a kick-ass spicy food pairing’

Good job Mrs D is a fan of all things hot then: ‘Seriously, if Chopper would cook spicy foods every night for a year and pair it with that pinotage, I’d be in red wine heaven. Love it to death, I say’.

And what better to follow a few glasses of wine than a bit of self-expressive karaoke. Couldn’t agree more.

Now this sounds like a party. ‘Neil Diamond, Meatloaf, Madonna, Ozzy & Sheryl Crow in the style of Rammstein meets Klaus Nomi!’ We’re assuming it wasn’t some amazing hybrid performance of them all… someone with a long hair wig, wearing cones and declaring they ‘feel like a woman’! Or was that Shania Twain? Just as long as there was no ripping the heads off chickens guys, as not only is that cruel but more importantly it just wouldn’t go well with the Sauvignon Blanc.

All sounded like a blast.


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