Champagne as Fashion?


I walked past Harrods a couple of times a few weeks ago and couldn’t help but notice the Dom Perignon in the window.

DP has done a great job over the last year in blinging up the brand, making the connections to fashion stronger and putting a little bit more of the LV into the MH. We like that and have been surprised that it has taken so long.


If you look closely at the top photo (sorry, it is a bit blurry), you’ll see that this is not a ‘normal’ bottle of DP, but part of what Moet is calling “A Bottle Named Desire” . Karl Lagerfeld ‘designed’ the bottle, which looks like the usual DP bottle with measles. Maybe I am being a bit unfair, but it looks like its got gold dots adhered to the bottle. Harrods PR materials say the ‘studs’ are ‘golden’ so I think that it is safe to assume that they are not ‘gold’.

Lagerfield designs other of stuff for LVMH and presumably ‘designed’ this in between the Fendi and Chanel gigs.


We’re very much for the notion of wine as fashion, which of course, it is. But, we believe that the fashion should be expressed as a functional enhancement to the product. If the fashion is used in a gimmicky way, it dilutes the effort to enhance the experience. As hard as I try, I just struggle to buy into this bling-ed up DP. More to the point, Harrods quotes the bottle at 1,000 pounds a pop. The price for the regular juice is about 70 pounds

Harrods only has 60 bottles and with the population of London standing at 7,465,100, and tens of thousands of tourists walking by each day, they presumably will find 60 people who gotta have one.

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