Snakes On A Plane


This latest release starring Samuel L Jackson is, as the title, suggests about a bunch of snakes (let loose) on a plane. In itself, hardly remarkable. What’s interesting though is that it has been rewritten and refilmed in line with the suggestions of hundreds of thousands of bloggers around the world.

In it’s original form, the general view was that the film was set to become one of the great turkeys of the year, but now, reclaiming its $25+ million budget will be a breeze.

What happened was that as news of this “disaster” movie leaked onto the internet a whole conversation started about firstly the amusing presence of Samuel L Jackson in such a film and then bloggers started discussing how the film could be made better. The studio took note and acted accordingly.

A few more snakes? No problem.
A couple attempting to join the Mile High Club? Consider it done.
Bit more Mother******* swearing? F****** sorted.

And, so it went on.

Looks like the blogosphere has helped release the first truly Open Source movie. Might even go watch it now!


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