Stop Press: Closure Innovation at Stormhoek Dinner


Beth aka KitchenMage, went all out for number 92 of the 100 dinners a couple of weeks ago. The lawn at Lucky Mud Inn was the venue and by all accounts, the food was good and the Stormhoek went down well. Sunrise and SomoneElse, of The Wahkiakum Acoustic Guitar Society (WAGS), provided the music.

These may look like normal Stormhoek Dinner guests in Wahikikam County, but Open Source to these guys didn’t just mean someone had left the cap off the ketchup bottle…

As if focussing on their Curried lamb, Spicy pork cubes marinated with lemon, habanero, oregano; and ‘infamous’ blueberry habanero chutney, (Ah, those foodies are so obsessive) wasn’t enough, these party people were engaging in R&D between sips in an attempt to devise a way to simulate the pleasing ‘pop’ sound of a cork when unscrewing the Stormhoek bottles.

What they came up with was the great idea of using an audio chip (the kind you see in greeting cards) to produce that ‘pop’ sound when you twist open the bottles. That way you benefit from the freshness of the wine, yet don’t miss out on the fun popping!

Genius. Why does it seem that the foodies have all the fun?

PS- Mrs. D lamented that Kitchenmage’s geekdinner was cooler than hers. We think they both looked pretty cool. Would anyone be up for a Geek Iron Chef Stormhoek cook off?


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