The Wine List 2007 Is Out!


Well, Matthew’s done it again.

After a marathon year of tasting over 25,000 wines, Matthew Jukes’ top 250 have been collated in The Wine List 2007 published by Headline and available from all good book sellers for £9.99.

The book provides the perfect guide for anyone wanting to seek out the best bottles in the UK and the cover price is easily reclaimed by following his fool proof recommendations.

I’m delighted to say that Stormhoek comes out well and his comments are as follows:

Stormhoek Sauvignon Blanc 2006

This wine sports a “drink by date” – Stormy were the first to come up with this inspirational concept. The team knows that this exceptional Sauvignon needs to be enjoyed in the first year of its life – which neatly mirrors the life span of this book. They use an “Ultimate Freshness” guide on the bottle to ensure you drink it at its peak. Follow the instructions and bathe your taste buds in this wickedly refreshing, lime-juice-imbued wine. Stormy has always been a front runner – now they are the leader!

Stormhoek Pinot Grigio 2006

You wait all year for a £5.99 stonker and then two come along at once. I was the first bloke to taste the new 2006’s from Stormy Pants and I simply can’t leave the PG out of the mix. It’s wicked, it’s irreverent, it simply doesn’t give a toss what you think – I expect really hard thugs are reduced to tears when they taste this wine, it has so much attitude. So are you up to it? Come and have a go…..It’s only Pinot Grigio, after all.

Stormhoek Rose 2006

Stormy Pants Rose just keeps on getting better and better. If the White Stripes were a wine, this would be it – only a different colour! Packed to the rafters with ridiculously classy red berry fruit, this is a swaggering pickpocket of a wine because, before you know it, It’ll have emptied your wallet of its contents in double time and you’ll be skipping home to share the spoils with your nearest and weirdest!

Wow, Matthew, thanks very much and all power to your pen.


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