Go Gia


Amongst the first UK bloggers to receive the now famous “bloggers freebie” back in 2005 was Gia Milinovich.

One of the great things about being in the web 2.0 space is that we meet very smart, cool people who have interests as diverse as one can imagine. Gia is one of these people.

As we got to know Gia, we learned that she is brilliant, a gifted writer and a talented tv presenter. We consider ourselves very fortunate as Gia has agreed to join us as a guest blogger.

Hugh, Graham, Nick and I are really pleased to have her on the team. We’ve got the feeling that whether we like it or not Gia’s going to be doing her own thing and could possibly upset a few people by sacrificing a few wine trade holy cows. But hey, isn’t that what keeps things interesting?

Cheers Gia, good luck!


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