Do you just love what you’re doing?

Natasha Hughes, Ollie Smith, Kate Ennis, Annelize Stroebel (Wellington Wine Route) and me in the Mountainside vineyard

Wouldn’t you love to be paid to eat chocolate?
Or to lie on your back and watch the waves roll in?
I’m sure there’s a way to do it.
Some people get paid to drink wine. And to say anything they want to about it.
Take Ollie Smith. He gets to eat and drink as much as he likes and gets paid to talk about it on half a down regular British TV programmes. And just in case you might miss the TV when you’re driving, he also talks about what he’s eating and drinking on British radio.
We have singing and dancing Idols on TV. Ollie is the UK’s first wine drinking and talking Idol. He beat all of the other would-be Idols last year on BBC TV.
Then there’s Kate Ennis and Natasha Hughes. They love traveling everywhere and anywhere, eating and drinking only the best.
Last week, Kate, Natasha and Ollie were being driven all around the Western Cape by Thelma, who’s pretty and nice and a good driver. The 3 Brits then could concentrate on the job.
On Thursday, they went to Fairview where they were greeted by dozens of wines and even more dozens of cheeses, followed by a leisurely lunch. Then they came to Stormhoek where we went for a walk among the vines and orchards. We even met Poppie the Percheron, who posed for pictures.
Then we had to start working and I opened about a dozen bottles.
I didn’t ask them why they are called the Lifestyle Group.
But you might think it is obvious.


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