The Cat’s out of The Bag

A very interesting week

Nick was down in South Africa as the guest our indusry trade group, Wines of South Africa, addressing their Annual General Meeting. He talked about how we’re building Stormhoek and the power of the web, etc. By all accounts, it was a successful presentation and there will be some video that we should be able to post next week. By the way, Nick invited all of our winemaking brethren to provide some blog posts. We hope to have some interesting ones up soon.


Meanwhile, in London we were trying to both help out a customer, The Thresher Group, and give our loyal readers a bit good cheer. For our non-UK readers, Threshers are the largest wine and spirits specialist chain in the UK.

Our ‘helping’ out I am afraid may fall into the basket of ‘careful what you wish for’ as we were hoping to help them sell a few more bottles of Stormhoek and the other great wines and champagnes they carry, but, it seems that maybe we were a bit over enthusiastic about how we promoted the ‘private sale’, or maybe the offer was just too good.

In either case, the 40% off voucher went viral and it seems that anyone in th UK who drinks has one.

BTW- The Threshers website is apparently down due to traffic, but you can just go into any store. They’ll all honour the coupon.

For those of you who’ve been asking, Friday alone we had about 711,000 hits on this site.

Here are some links to the various news stories:

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Our Head Sales Honcho, Alistair was on BBC Radio 2 this evening and our Main Marketing Man, Andrew was on Radio 1 Thursday night.

Mostly though, are just happy that as a little winery in the middle of nowhere, we are help our mega corporate customers do more business.

We’re thinking that over a few bottles of wine, we might be able to talk some of our other customers into letting us post some other crazy offers. Let us know what you think about this.

Oh, and by the way, with the Threshers frenzy ongoing, we’d be grateful if you could pick up a bottle or two of Stormhoek or The Storm (exclusive at Threshers), we can use the business. Stormhoek is also available at Asda, Waitrose, Sainsburys and a bunch of independents — and they all have some excellent holiday offers on.


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