More Stormhoeky Fun


I must confess that the first time Hugh suggested putting cartoons on labels, I was a bit unenthusiastic. You know, us uptight wine guys have issues with making wine anything other than hard to understand and difficult to pronounce. Let’s face it. a cartoon on our self-important, award winning wine, would border on blasphemy.

However, after about 50 million emails from folks all over the globe saying “Why don’t you put cartoons on labels”, I got over it and now it seems like my best idea ever 😉

Our first cartoon label, “Big Love” for Valentines Day is just hitting the Tesco shelves (only at the Tesco Extra mega-stores) and Hugh, Colin and our newest superstar, Catherine are touring around the UK, (they started at Inverness, and are working their way south) they are giving a lucky few, incredibly rare and valuable signed limited edition lithos., and Colin is filming folks on their views of what love means to them. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that Hugh is on a quest to find the ideal Valentine, for himself.

In the last 72 hours Hugh and Co., have had about 10 radio interviews, several newspaper articles and it seems that The UK’s most influential blogger is being transformed into the Blogger O’ Love”.

Meanwhile, we are so taken by my brilliant idea to put toons on labels that we asked our buddy, Johnny A., to whip us up a little widget which you can see to the right, which lets you vote on your favorite toon for the next label. We will be adding and deleting labels over time, and the favorites will make their way to a store near you.

Here is the toon I voted for:




We also set up a Stormhoek swag page, (which you can also navigate to from the button on the right) which features “Big Love” hats, g-strings, t-shirts and Boxers, etc Just think how fun Valentines could be after a few bottles of Big Love rose’, you can parade around with your S.O., in your very own Big Love boxers, g-string and hats.. playing the air guitar and singing Achy-Breaky Heart. Whoa… what could be sexier? Certainly a guaranty of lots of hot Stormhoeky action on Valentines!!!


There is tons more happening, but we’ll write about that in the next day or two.


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