Note from Mr Important!


Colin Kennedy: Director’s note

We have been hammering across the country for the last 3 days: in search of love, GB’s most romantic and enough content to cut together a film that will satisfy a number of demands from the corporate to the entertaining. We have had fraught moments (I thought I’d lost the rushes this morning and nearly threw up with panic), the odd barney as we vie for our places in the production and each try to get what we need – there are several agendas at work here – we want to make a film, we want to make everyone happy and the process of achieving these two things requires a lot of work and very little sleep.

After the initial depressing day of finding my feet, coming to terms with the fact that uploads I make on a daily basis will have to be severely inferior to what I want (only so many hours in the day and editing takes place during the night when I’m not at my best) and realising the degree of sleep depravation that will be endured on this trip everything seems to be finding a rhythm now. The fear of the unknown is beginning to subside and the job in hand is becoming more refined by the moment.

I’ll endeavour to make the uploads as interesting as possible, but some days they will just be little excerpts of rushes, so bear with me. If there are any gung ho aspiring filmmakers who want to cut together a version of Big Love from the limited footage I upload them please feel free and we’ll post your results on

Big Love – welcome to the beautiful nightmare x


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