hello from cath


[Dan and James for Tesco’s, standing with Hugh, in Stockport [Manchester] yesterday. That’s James wearing the boxer shots, over his uniform.Manchester boys rock!]

Hi… I’m the new girl… Catherine… or Tinks or Firefly as I like to be called – spreading fairydust magic and energy and all that… but that’s a dreamy story for another day!

I’ve just joined Stormhoek working on their strategic communications (we hate the word PR), NPD, online marketing stuff, (Hugh is the King of this area – aren’t we lucky!!) and well, a bit of retail solutions. Talk about multi-tasking!! ;0)

As our filmmaker, Colin Kennedy describes us – “mad as a bunch of spiders nailed to a Catherine Wheel”!

Right – to the important stuff! I’m on this Stormhoek/Tesco Love Tour with Hugh MacLeod (you all know him I’m sure, but I am learning more about him everyday on this tour and he’s actually one of the nicest guys out… and girls out there.. you aren’t going to find a smarter guy with a heart as big as his!!) and Colin Kennedy our film maker (a rather cute Glaswegian who is extremely talented at what he does, has a great sense of humour but also an unbelievably romantic side). And Tesco have just been fantastic!

We’re having a great time and well, read on below and check out the super pics we’ll post as well as the daily films we’re making. If anyone wants to meet up with us, have a look at our daily schedule and please give me a call 07809 583948 and we’ll either hook up with you at a Tesco Extra or for a drink in the evening!

Speak later, Big Love xx


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