On Thursday afternoon we met Sarah Hyatt who is a make-up and style consultant for Virgin. She gave Hugh a couple of styling tips: lose the shirt, trim the tummy, polish your shoes, get rid of the hanky, get a new belt, keep the jeans, keep the trendy glasses (the glasses were bought in a boutique shop in Chicago 15 years ago!). Trinny and Suzannah, where are you!

The remainder of the time spent in-store resulted in Hugh’s fragile ego being stripped bit by bit… Pretty blonde, Steph Carey said, “why would anyone want to go to Cape Town with you? The only thing cool about you is your jeans, but I’ll give you money if anyone goes!”. Poor Hugh felt like he had been punched in the gut and limped away like a bull mastiff, tail between his legs.

We drove through thick snow to Cirencester, in the Cotswolds, where one couldn’t really feel any more romantic… Our final destination of the day was the Cirencester Tesco Extra. With wine display in full form and Hugh standing at the entrance signing cartoons, in walked Zoe – a local girl from Cirencester. Fifteen minutes later, he had her phone number, email address, and she had proposed!


Zoe’s on the left!


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