1 More Day…


Gosh, 1 day to go… what an amazing experience… I think the 3 of us on this Stormhoek/Tesco “Love Tour” all feel the same …

It’s been exhausting, exhilirating, funny, sad, moving and i think we are all a bit sad to leave one another and have to go back to everyday life… it’s really been great talking to people about what’s important to them in life…

We all see this trip as the beginning of a conversation that we can’t wait to see continue and develop. We’ve learnt so much, rather than thinking we might only teach and we’ve all learnt some wonderful things from one another that have changed a lot of our internal thoughts and ideas.

Tesco and all who we met across the country have been absolutely fantastic and thanks to our friend, Edelman CEO, David Brain for the kind words:

They are hosting an admirable social experiment that is not without a little risk. Pilloried as many things, by many people, this little explosion of humanity, humour and existential angst (will Hugh get a date?) is helping to personalise their brand on a store by store basis.

We’ll see you tomorrow for an exciting Valentine’s Day, where Hugh will reveal the end of Chapter 1 and the “Evil part of his plan” as he likes to describe it…

Big Love and romantic sparks from all at Stormhoek!


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