The Pebbles Project


Three friends in South Africa are involved in the Pebbles Project. This is a charity that helps children who suffer from Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and need long-term hospital or home based care, get into the schooling program and also out into their local communities.

The charity is headed by Sophia Warner with help from her sister Lucy and fellow wine industry colleague Ansgar Flaatten.


Recently I was able to make a donation to Pebbles through one of their key sponsors, WOSA, and the money will be used to give many kids the chance to go out on day trips within the Western Cape.

The other day, Soph took 60 spirited nippers for a day out to the Cape Town Science Centre.

The kids had a great day as the pictures clearly show.


Monkey World is planned for the next visit………Bring it on!


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