Burning of the Fleece and Other [not so hot] Ideas

Hugh and I have spent a bit of time over the last ten days traveling together. One of Hugh’s favorite possessions was his trusty fleece. Hardly ever seen without it, the thing became like an appendage. Some of us who are closest to him, felt it was time for a wash, or a change.

So, on a bet, I took massive action and did the deed, which was recorded for posterity. And, folks do NOT try this at home, cause whatever they use to make these things is, very, very flammable.

[We’ll be taking contributions for Hugh’s next fleece via Paypal]

Now, onto business, Hugh and I also had days to debate the potential viability of a new Threshers viral. He posted about it yesterday. I am still dubious. In fact, while everyone knows that I am a big Hugh fan-boy, it is obvious to me that he is drinking a bit too much of the Gapingvoid Kool-aid. Or, maybe it’s the trauma of having to watch his beloved fleece go up in flames.

Either way: No how, no way. Another Threshers viral won’t work and I’d bet 10p on that.

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  1. Isn’t spring break next week?

  2. Johnny D: Don’t feign ingnorance,we saw you at that tattoo parlorin SOBE SAturday night. Who was that tall leggy blonde you were with?

  3. My ignorance is sadly real – but I’d guess she was another broken-hearted model!


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