Fireflies & the Stormhoek Braai

Friday night saw the rustic and magical Stormhoek house host its first ever Bloggers’ Braai. Having never been to the Stormhoek vineyards before, I have to say that this little place is as close to heaven – literally and figuratively – as it gets.

THORWALK.jpg Stormhoek%2B5.jpg

The evening began with an aperitif of Stormhoek Rosé, followed by a guided tour of the Stormhoek Vineyards by Graham, Thor and Cuppie. Upon entering the dark “Enchanted Forest”, we learnt of mystic goings-on behind the shed where fireflies dance and light up the vineyards, discussed the semi-circle of viognier plantings and were graced by the mysterious presence of Poppy, the estate’s beautiful black horse.

Our stumbles in the dark (Graham has far too many amazing stories to tell!) and Gerry’s disappearance (hilarious) were followed by a mini-tasting of 2 new Stormhoek wines, a handout of schwag (see the naughty t-shirts!) and bottles of limited edition Stormhoek sparkling wine, organised by the lovely Leanne.


Speeches from Al, Graham and myself were followed by a top class dinner cooked by our favourite Englishman Chris (a Stormhoek SA counterpart) and his pretty girlfriend! ). Great conversation with all present.

KEIRA.jpg dinnertable.jpg

Thank you to all who came and made it such a fantastic and fun evening. It was great to meet all of you and we look forward to seeing you next time we’re out.



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