One of our favourite places on our trip to Cape Town (besides staying at the Stormhoek House of course!) was the amazing, funky, cool, hip Extreme Hotel in Cape Town. Thanks to Chris for the recommendation!

Who would have thought that a hotel’s toilets and smoking room could totally enthrall you and take you on an extraordinary visual ride of a lifetime!

*The “Coughin Room” shows its black humour in the form of coffins (“coughing”, geddit?) as seats, a tombstone as the cigarette vending machine and my favourite bit of all, a ceiling that’s a photograph of friends and family looking down at you in your coffin, in your grave. Hmmm.

*The toilets, all named, are outrageous but fabulous. Wacky comes in when sitting down on the seat… you’re watched by a life-size photo taken at a Protea Hotel general managers’ conference. Protea Group MD Arthur Gillis and founder of the Extreme Sports Channel and International Hotel group, Al Gosling (a 35-year old American) are in the front row observing!



*Al Gosling is focusing on cities where extreme sports are part of the culture (hey Al – you have to open up in Tarifa, southern Spain and capital of the Windsurfing/Kitesurfing world!).

*The whole place is amazing from Salvador Dali style red lights, to a rock climber hanging off a rock face in the foyer, funky chairs with TV’s in them, velvet chairs with hanging chandeliers and a bar with a really innovative, delicious menu.

*The breakfast room is filled with exotic decor, a swimming pool that runs parallel with surfboards and colourful plastic swimwear that adorns the glass walls.

*The bedrooms are stylish with the most heavenly, comfortable beds, a directory of activities that would leave any extreme sports enthusiast drooling and an ultra modern tv and radio setup to keep you company.

***If you like adventure sports, escapism and well, outstanding customer service (no, no-one is paying me to say all this – just go! Tel:+27 (21) 488-2555) then the Extreme Hotel is it. We’ll be back!



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