is it working?

It seemed to me recently that a lot more people have been talking about Stormhoek, but I thought to myself, is it just me or is it real?

Being from a retail background, I was trained to ignore the anecdotal and rely on hard facts and figures. It occurred to me (over a bottle of our soon to be released barrel fermented 2004 Semillon, sorry no freebies on this one, there is only 300 cases) that there is a way to quantify this idea, and I encourage you to try it for yourself.

I went to Technorati and searched “South African Wine”. There were about 4550 responses that came back. I took a sampling of them and eliminated the ones that were not about wine, but just mentioned South Africa and Wine.

Only about 29% of the posts were actually about South African wine.

However of those posts, fully 25% of all the blog posts worldwide were about Stormhoek. So, it appears that we are getting more than our fair share of the conversation about South African wine. Now, if we can only make that a percentage of all wine…

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