Matthew Jukes


I just bought my copy of “The Wine List 2006”, by Matthew Jukes, published by Headline Books.

This is the fifth edition and really is a must-read for all wine lovers, guiding the reader to Matthew’s top 250 wines of the year.

Matthew, who’s been following Stormhoek since our first harvest in 2003, writes:

Stormhoek Sauvignon Blanc 2005– Jump on board, take a ride, yeah! This is a wickedly refreshing wine, with more get up and go than many bottles twice the price. Lemon sherbet and crunchy, ice-cold grapefruit juice jostles for position on the palate and the finish is a live wire – crackling with 10000 volts. Also, If you remember the entry for Stormy’s Pinot Grigio last year. You will be pleased to hear that it is back and looking fitter and foxier than ever.

Stormhoek Select Rose 2005– With a Shiraz/Pinotage frame which is refreshed with all manner of other bits and pieces Stormy Pants Rose was the rock ‘n’ roll hit of The Wine List 2005. The 2005, with much larger distribution, is ever finer – capturing the vital redcurrant essence aroma, staggering élan on the palate and a healthy dose of S&M spanking acidity on the finish. If you missed out on tasting this wine last year, then shame on you! Make up for it this year and you’ll see what all the furore is about.

The Storm Sangiovese Merlot 2004– A beautiful wild cherry aroma, with raw, tangy edges of liquorice root and mint leaf around a central abyss of opaque black fruit. What happens next? Do you walk into the eye of the storm?

Matthew Jukes is one of the most influential wine writers in the UK. I understand that to compile his list, he had to taste 25,000 wines. In other words, Stormhoek made his Top 1%.

So yes, all of us at Stormhoek are stoked. Huge kudos, Matthew, and all power to your pen!


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