Meeting Oz Clarke


Stormhoek was out in force the other day at the Wines Of South Africa annual wine fair held at Old Billingsgate Market in London . This important event attracts people in the wine business from all over the world. It’s a great opportunity to exhibit all our newest wines and, of course, meet new people and old friends alike.

I spent some time with Oz Clarke. Oz is a major dude who is always very supportive and, quite honestly has probably forgotten more about the world of wine than I’ll ever know.

He tasted all of our new Stormhoek wines and gave me some very useful advice as to how we could make our wines even better in the future by using a few crafty techniques in the winery. As we’re always looking for ways to improve our wine, it’s great to have such wisdom from outside. Thanks Oz, look forward to sharing the results with you.

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  1. Stealthy your post is. But what were the tips that Oz passed on?

    I’d really like to see a great label design on your bottles of angel breath (now that Hugh has thrown down the Cluetrain gauntlet), so let us into the inner circle and give us more to chew on than ‘freshness matters’ ;o)

    Seriously . . .

    Design comes form the word up rather than image down. Twas always thus. Even pre Cluetrain in my book.

    As regards the wine – as Hugh would say; Rock on.


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