Labelling can be good…

It’s funny what happens when you start actually having a conversation with people… We started talking about the stuff that matters to us and lots of people have joined in. Stormhoek has been a catalyst for a lot of interesting discussions. Much of it has taken place with and through our friend Hugh Macleod’s blog.

If you go back into the last 90 days of blogging, you’ll see that the blogosphere’s conversations about Stormhoek have ranged from our marketing model to the econometrics of Stormhoek vs. the 28 million spent by Sainsbury’s on their Jamie Oliver campaign to BBC blogger Metcalfe accusing Stormhoek of having an unfair advantage over our competitors by blogging (We were especially pleased with that conversation).

But, we continue to want to improve Stormhoek (we are guilty of being a bit… hmm, compulsive about this). For the last few months, we have had some of the best minds in packaging looking at creating a new label – one that expresses the central theme of freshness and communicates that Stormhoek is fanatical about quality, but also embodies the conversation.

Hugh makes that point that its not about the ‘frickin wine’, but of course it is. His point really is that wine, by definition, is a social catalyst. Think about what happens after you twist the cap, or pull the cork and sit down with your friends, significant other or, better yet, strangers. The conversation evolves.

We decided that the best fulcrum for the development of the label is not our designers studio, but the bloggesphere. So we asked Hugh to bring it to the folks who have expressed in Stormhoek.

In the last 48 hours, nearly 50 people have posted their opinion (and many more by email) and it is clearer than ever that Stormhoek has become about what evolves after the cap it twisted off the bottle. We are happy about that. We would much rather be about the conversation, than just about the beverage. For us, Great Wine is a given. We hope to transcend the wine talk.

So, we talk about Stormhoek’s competitors being Apple, Microsoft and Google. Some people don’t get it, but our point is that our wine should’t provoke any less emotion nor enhance people’s lives any less than those brands.

Microsoft chief blogger, Robert Scoble, has now proclaimed Microsoft’s real competition: Stormhoek. Of course, Robert talks about competition for share of entertainment dollar. We agree, but there’s more: It’s about share of the conversation. Tell Bill not to worry. We’ll be gentle with him.


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