Merry Christmas


Wow! what a year its been. We’ve proved to ourselves that although we’re only a small concern we can still have a voice in an ever conjested world. It’s hard to explain in anymore words what this means to everyone involved with Stormhoek. So, many thanks to all who have supported and encouraged us this year, and, may you all have a peaceful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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  1. rachel

    Wow, after reading so much about your wine my only question is if there are any plans to export to Canada (or if I’ve missed something, information if you already do ship to North America)? I’m anxious to take a sip!


  2. First, any update on the fire? Second, you can get rid of those SPAM comments by using a word verification check. I look forward to trying your wines someday.

    jens at cincinnati wine


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