Little Google Victory

In June our Google count was about 500 items returned from a search. The count has steadily risen to 72 – 77,000(depending upon the Googlemonster’s mood) over the last week.

Nearly all of the accessable links are blog comments and other meaningful stuff- no spammy links. This is all good, however tonight there was a major break through.

Until tonight, each time I Googled Stormhoek, the first line returned was “Did you mean Storm broek?” as if to say, “Sir, you must be making an error, do you really want to know more about this (really) unimportant thing called Stormhoek”.

Well, in the last few days, it would appear that the computers at Google apparently decided that there are enough people looking for Stormhoek, so that Stormhoek is not just a product of misspelling/ poor typing skills, etc. Now, when one Google’s Stormhoek… you get Stormhoek only.

Progress sometimes comes in baby steps…It kinda makes me happy.


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