Stormhoek in the North

We made a trip out yesterday evening in Yorkshire with Stormhoek.

85 prominent business people turned up at 42. The Calls in Leeds for a tutored tasting on our wines from South Africa.

It was great to have a chance to talk with them face to face about what we do and how communication is such a key feature of our business. Many of the group were astonished at the success we have had in spreading the Stormhoek meme and were surprised that it wasn’t used by other wine businesses as “surely word of mouth is the advertisement”! Yes, sure do agree with that!

The event also gave me the chance to explain about the stunning geography and diversity in culture, flora and fauna which makes South Africa such an unusual and exciting place.

This is actually the message that Wines of South Africa, the government sponsored marketing division for all South African wine, is trying to get across to consumers around the world. Guys, I have to say that the only way you can do this with any sort of success is face to face. Booklets, ad’s and CD ROM’s just don’t convey what is a pretty complex message in an understandable way.

The feedback from the tasting was great and thanks to Rachel and Deborah for organising the event.

Lastly, I invited the group to visit us at Stormhoek should they ever be in South Africa and, of course, this is extended to all you folks who visit our blog. Just let us know when you’re going so we can stoke up the Braai and chill the wine.

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