Joe in deep water


When the agents for Timotei shampoo asked Joe Wadsack to do a casting shoot they may not have known that he would do it for enough Shiraz and Pinotage. For non-British readers, Joe is a star of wine page and TV screen. Joe is seen above in Stormhoek’s vineyard dam, sampling the mountain spring water. The Pinotage and Shiraz came later.

Last week, a Japanese-branded transporter brought Joe, Jane Parkinson (Wine and Spirit), Christine Austin (Yorkshire Post), Patrick Schmitt (The Drinks Business), Sarah Ahmed (The Wine Detective), Jack Hibberd (Harpers) and Chris Orr, together with Sophie and Emma from WOSA up the mountain pass to see what we do. We had a walk through the nature park, Joe had a swim, Chris had a fall and the girls had showers. Journalists’ hard work is not all behind a word processor.

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