100 Dinner Swag

stormhook hughtrain 400 pixels.jpg

We’ve created some cool party favors for the folks attending the 100 dinners.


Somehow, we convinced Hugh to do his very first Limited Edition Print, pictured above and of course, suitable for framing :). It is printed on heavy archival board and entitled, The Hughtrain and Stormhoek. The first run is limited to an edition of 1000. Each is pencil signed by The Artist and numbered. I am trying to convince Hugh that this should be just the beginning of more limited editions.


We have also done a revision to the Wine Blogging as Marketing Disruption brochure that went out to the first 85 bloggers in the UK last year. I am not going to post the new one, but there are lots of

photos and scans of the original one on line, if you want to have a look.

Finally, there is a unique Guest List Print that will be signed by eveyone attending each dinner that needs be returned to us (instructions are being sent to the hosts). We’re going to hang all 100 signed guest lists at the winery!

We’ve been asked to do podcasts and videocasts for the dinners as well as a live video interview. If you’re hosting a dinner, just let us know if you want to us to do something special and we’ll sort it out with you.


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