Three eyes dog team

Thor and his best mate Koopie (on top)
We have two dogs, who have three eyes between them.
They work as a team.
Thor is a 70kg Great Dane who likes to rest a lot and spends the majority of his life in a horizontal position.
This suits Koopie, the 5kg Jack Russell, as she prefers the warmth and comfort of his body to the concrete floor, even if he twitches and jerks about as he dreams.
It also gives her a vantage point to listen for noises in the night.
With only one eye, she depends on her ears to do her dog job.
Like most dogs, she was born with 2 eyes, but she cannot resist stimulating Poppie the Percheron into galloping flight and the 1/2 ton horse packs a wallop with both fore and off hind feet.
Koopie retired from one of these encounters with a bloody face and just one functioning eye.


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