Gallo Gets Creative

Carlo Rossi Couch.jpg

Came across this press release and the picture caught my eye. A couch made out of empty Carlo Rossi bottles!

Carlo Rossi is an old time Californian jug brand, once probably one of the biggest sellers in the market. It is owned by Gallo and they have come up with a very cool meme on the site. The clever folks in Modesto have commissioned lamps, furniture, chandeliers, etc to be made out of the empty jugs and the site gives instructions on how to make these objects for yourself. For example, all you need to do to make the chandelier is start with 33 empty jugs… They don’t discuss liver damage, but talk about breathing new life into a brand that flatlined years ago. It’s cool, contemporary and uses the heritage of the brand.

I won’t venture a guess as to how the wine tastes, but kudos to the Gallo marketing team that dreamed this one up.

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