Game Designers Assemble in Seattle

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Earlier this month Chris Pramas and his fellow game designers came together for some great food, wine and geek gaming chat at their Stormhoek dinner in Seattle.

Whether they were ‘game designers’ a la scrabble and Play station, or rather designers that were game for a good night with a few bottles of wine, we weren’t sure at first. Since hearing accounts of the event, it seems they were both!

Nicole cooked up lots of delicious food, Chris and his fellow gamers gave Stormhoek the ‘geek seal of approval’ and anyone left still standing at the end of the night was enticed ‘up to the office’ to play… board games, we’re assured! Sounds like fun.

The night was signed off with friends chatting outside: cigar in one hand, a glass of Sauv Blanc in the other, with all daily worries a million miles away.

Now that’s what we like to hear.

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  1. Jamie G

    Those guys really look like game designers, don’t they?


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