Starbucks Simplifies Terroir

We all know that us wine guys are notoriously bad marketers. We take fairly simple concepts about the uniquenss that “place” gives to wine and spin it into obtuse concepts like appellations and terroir.

Unfortunately, many winemakers in the New World take their lead from the Old World and are creating a ever increasing morass of complex designations that future generations of winemakers and wine marketers will have to untangle for people to understand.

But the folks at Starbucks know how to take complex concepts like Terroir and make them understandable. While they describe terroir perfectly, I suspect that they would never use the word.


Sorry, the pic is a bit blurry, but the sign says

“Geography is a Flavour”

“The unique taste of each coffee bean is defined by the climate and landscape of its origin”

Why can’t we do that?


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